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Welcome to the backroom of the Fire Angel Universe

Latest from the Blog

Characters of the Fire Angel Universe: Senator Sam Douglas

Sam Douglas is power-hungry and is willing to associate himself with anyone he feels can help him achieve what he wants. However, his relationships are mutually beneficial as he uses his position in the government to aid those who help him. One hand washes the other after all. He has a love for his country…

Characters of the Fire Angel Universe: Detective Alberto DiMaggio

Detective Alberto DiMaggio is a man of integrity, adheres to uphold the law though at times comes close to breaking it, caring more for the victims’ rights than the criminals’. He has a soft spot for the downtrodden and would be the first on the scene of a murdered homeless man while having a deep…

Characters of the Fire Angel Universe: Dr. Evelyn Davenport

Dr. Evelyn Davenport is the protege of Dr. Robert Stevens and has an infatuation with him. While she does have a brilliant mind and was at the top of her class, she tends to let her feelings take over her professionalism. She is eccentric and tends to have radical ideas such as believing that super-humans…

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