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The creation of the Fire Angel Universe Part 1

What better place to start a new blog than where it all began.

Some of you may know the story about how I was inspired by an interview with Stan Lee to create my own superhero, but what was the next step? Who was the character? What were their powers going to be?

I knew pretty much from the start that I wanted the character to fly as I was curious about what I could do with this ability; I knew I wanted to give them wings, so that it would be different from most flying superheroes, like Superman, who are somehow able to fly without them. While trying to solve the powers puzzle, I began developing the character behind the mask. I thought about the fact that most superheroes were from more privileged backgrounds but, as far as I knew, none came from a poorer one. I also didn’t want my character to have it easy to come up with a suit or gadgets to aid them in their mission; I wanted them to work for it. So, after some thinking, Allison West was created, living in a poor neighborhood with her parents and her sickly brother, Ralph.

The poor crime-infested neighborhood was part of the answer to solving the ‘powers’ problem. I figured that if my main character was a teen, living in such a place, she’d likely be fed up with the situation by now, so decided on giving her the power of pyrokinesis, the ability to control fire, as fire represents rage. During this time I’d also stumbled across the name Fire Angel, which I thought was perfect. This in turn led me to the idea of the wings being made of fire, as I liked the visual of having angelic flaming wings that would appear when she humbled herself.

As for friends, I had recently started a story with twin sisters, Serenity and Jade, as I wanted to see what I could do with characters who were twins. The story went nowhere, but I was still determined to use these characters, so decided to bring them into what would become the Fire Angel Universe. I didn’t want to go the cliché route of giving my main character a boyfriend but instead gave her a platonic friendship with a boy named David.

For villains, I didn’t want to start with a supervillain right off the bat. It seemed too coincidental that the superhero and the supervillain would show up almost at the same time. Besides, there were already criminals out in the world, so I could start with those: enter Franco and Bella Bianchi, a couple of villains I’d created for another failed fan fiction story I’d been working on, but again thought they were too good to go to waste. Now the story could begin …



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