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The creation of the Fire Angel Universe Part 3

Knowing there would be a second Fire Angel book, I began to plan for that next story, starting with the early ideas for the villain, originally called Rapture. I also wrote part of one of the first fight scenes of that story, while simultaneously continuing with the first book, which I had decided to call ‘Fire Angel: Genesis’. (I didn’t want to call it ‘The Beginning’ since that title seemed way too common at the time.) As I continued creating the backstory for Haley, there was a point where Rapture almost made an appearance in ‘Genesis’, but I changed my mind as I felt the plot was on the verge of getting a little too complicated. I also ended up switching a couple of chapters around and finally changed the ending of ‘Genesis’.

What had made me realize that a second book was needed was that even by the end of ‘Genesis’ Haley wouldn’t be ready to be a superhero quite yet and that gave me the title for the story, ‘Turning Point’. Like ‘Genesis’, there were quite a few original ideas that ended up on the cutting room floor, such as the idea I’d had for the first chapter, which I found I couldn’t pull off in the way I’d wanted. What I ended up writing was similar in concept, so I was satisfied with that.

Another change came when a particular character was supposed to make their appearance earlier in the book than they ultimately did. The implication of some of the dialogue in that early scene really wasn’t working, and I almost scrapped the character altogether, but then I realized that a later chapter would be the perfect place in which to put the character and it worked!

A couple of brainstorming sessions saw one of my characters from my original version of ‘Fire Angel’ reworked, and two characters get taken out of the story earlier than I had planned. It was a change for the better and made Rapture stand on her own.

Further inspiration for the story came from an article I read back in the 90s about the Spider-Man cartoon, which was going to be starting soon. One paragraph mentioned how despite Peter Parker putting on his mask and becoming Spider-Man, he was still going to take his personal problems with him. That gave me the idea for the inciting incident for the story and how it would lead to the introduction of Rapture, whom I saw as pretty much the dark side of Haley/Fire Angel. After doing a little research, however, and due to the fact she was out for revenge, I decided to rename her Nemesis, after the Greek goddess of vengeance, as well as because one’s nemesis is something or someone a person cannot conquer.

Meanwhile, the Fire Angel Universe was about to grow bigger, beyond its titular character…



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