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The creation of the Fire Angel Universe part 5

While working on Fade: Shadows of the Past, I knew that once the book was completed, I was going to return to Fire Angel. The question was where do I go from here, now that she had finally become a superhero? After asking a couple of people, the answer was the same: it was time for Fire Angel to step up.

As for the story itself, the answer came to me one day while I was randomly thinking about Superman, and how it seemed strange that in all the films and series I’d seen thus far, he’d been easily accepted by the civilians despite the fact he was an alien. I thought about how interesting it would’ve been had he not been so easily accepted (of course we would soon see that in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel). With that idea in mind, I began thinking about Fire Angel. Since the world now knew about her, how would the civilians react to having a superhuman in their midst? Perhaps there would be a divide with some accepting her and some fearing her. I also figured the government would probably want to eliminate her before she potentially turned rogue.

I imagined there would be some kind of task force sent after Fire Angel. My initial idea was to use the main character, Kit Palmer, from my first short story, ‘The Vault’, which I’d written in 2001. She would be the field leader of a group that was just going to be a bunch of soldiers. At first, Kit, who I soon changed to Kat was going to be a lot colder than she turned out to be, as my original plan was for her to soften as the story went on. I then decided to name the group Project: Guardian and not have the people under Kat be a bunch of nameless soldiers but actual characters.

Project: Guardian was an answer to the frustrations I had with the remake of the television series Hawaii 5-0 as they only had one female member on the team who, for the most part, seemed to play the role of a glorified secretary, always stuck at their headquarters working the computers while the men were in the field, and who would often disappear from the episode halfway through with no explanation. With that in mind, I added a couple of more women to my team: Maya Okasaki, who had been the main character of my first attempt at writing a novel in 2001, and Pamela Kyles. Pamela Kyles came by pure accident when my dad had a blank moment on the series Rizzoli & Isles and called it ‘Kyles & Knight’. The name screamed inspiration to me and, as a result, created Pamela Kyles and Seth Knight. Seth also became part of the team, along with two other characters from ‘The Vault’, Randy Wilson and Mr. Smythe. Considering Randy and Smythe were connected with Kat in ‘The Vault’ I decided I’d keep their history as backstory; and what is that history, you ask? Well, guys, keep reading, you never know when I might unveil it.

After some brainstorming, the idea emerged of there being sleeper agents also after Fire Angel. Initially, I wasn’t quite sure how they’d fit in, as the original story was supposed to be just Fire Angel against this task force, but after some more brainstorming, I figured out how to make it work and I found that it worked beautifully with the rest of the plot, including the developing plot of the presidential election which I’d started building back in Fire Angel: Genesis…



4 thoughts on “The creation of the Fire Angel Universe part 5

  1. I think it’s fun, Paul, to give supporting characters stories as well, and the interactions between the characters can help to develop the main story. Well, thinking about it, in real life, everyone’s a supporting character – and look at the stories there! 🙂

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