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The creation of the Fire Angel Universe part 6

When I wrote ‘Fade: Shadows of the Past’, I knew there would be another book to continue the story behind the mysterious disappearance of Melanie Wilson’s adoptive sister, Carla Wilson. Initially, I wasn’t feeling entirely confident about that story and decided I would write it further down the line, but as I came closer to the end of ‘Fire Angel: Igniting the Spark’, having long-term planned what was to come next in the Fire Angel Universe, I realized I’d better write that story next, before things became too crazy and so ‘Family Portrait: A Fade Spin-off’ was created.

My idea had always been for Melanie to go off on a road trip in search of her sister. I decided to include Becky Saint on the trip for two reasons: firstly, because of who she was, and secondly, because Melanie needed to have someone to talk to. With Melanie out on the road and clueless about what was really going on, I thought it’d be fun to have some of the other characters slowly discover the truth and, by the time they did, it would be almost too late and so it would be a mad dash to try and warn her. I brought back Stacey McManus, the host of a conspiracy news show, since she was the lead investigator into the Carla mystery back in ‘Shadows of the Past’, so it was only natural for her to return and continue the investigation.

The overall idea of the story came from my love of mysteries, which also led me to create Cassandra Winslow. The initial inspiration for Cassandra came partly from a scene in the original ‘Tomb Raider’ movie starring Angelina Jolie, partly from one of the ‘Tomb Raider’ video games, and partly from another scene from an episode of ‘Nikita’. I wanted to come up with a wealthy young woman with a family history with which I could play and after some brainstorming, I was able to find a way to connect her family to what was really going on…



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