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My creative process part 1

People often ask me where I get my story ideas from. Sometimes the spark of the idea might emerge from a single random thought. Or it could be from something I’m watching where I start to consider how I might tell the story differently. Maybe it’s something I’ve read or a picture I’ve seen. But once the idea begins to come to life, the real question I need to ask myself is how it will fit into the Fire Angel Universe and how the new story will develop from there.

Usually these new ideas have to wait to be included in a future book, since they creep into my consciousness while I’m developing the plot of my current work-in-progress. For example, when I was working on a tricky part of the plot in my first novel, Fire Angel: Genesis, I discovered part of the story that would become my third book, Fade: Shadows of the past. Later, while working on that third novel, I recall being side-tracked into working out the details of the house that two up-coming characters will live in, which included spending time seeking out a pic reference for the house.

As I talked about in my previous post, I have plans going way beyond the trilogy on which I’m currently working. I enjoy the process of long term planning for my stories and I’ve already begun setting the stage for these new ideas. Even now, as I’m writing this exciting alien invasion trilogy, Scorched Earth, I am eager to get going on those next stories.


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