The year in review… so far

With us still under lockdown to various degrees, it’s hard to get out as much as before. However, I have been fortunate so far this year to have started getting my books out in the world, even if only a little further.

In February, I discovered that some of my books had made it into Bikini Beach Books, a local second hand bookstore in Gordon’s Bay. I will admit that initially I’d been disheartened to find them there, as it seemed that no-one wanted them. But on reflection, considering all the other books that were there, including big names such as Wilbur Smith and David Baldacci, perhaps it wasn’t so bad after all, and if my books had sold once, they could surely sell again.

Pre-Covid, I’d donated my first three books to our local library, but with the arrival of lockdown, the process of approving and processing the books had been slowed down. In March this year, I visited the library to find out if there’d been any progress. I was delighted to discover that not only had the books been approved, but that two of the books had been checked out! Whilst I was there, I was also pleased to accept the offer of an interview by the head librarian for ‘Library Week’. You can find the interview on the Fire Angel Universe Facebook page and here on the Backroom Bulletin. I have also since donated the next two books to the library as well.

Two hours after returning home from the interview I had another surprise in the form of the arrival (pun intended) of the author copies of my latest novel, the first book of my Scorched Earth trilogy, Arrival!


In April, I was informed by fellow writer Chris Hall (to whom I introduced you all last week) that there was a new local second hand bookshop in our home town called ‘Bookworms’. I took my books through and managed to get them on the shelf. Thanks for the support, Waldo!

In the meantime, I’m still hard at work on the second book of the Scorched Earth trilogy and slowly coming close to completion.

And that’s the first half of my 2021 done. Bring on the rest of the year!

If you’re a writer, how has your writing year been so far?

One thought on “The year in review… so far

  1. Looking good, Paul! The writing part is fine (just into June and only 8 chapters to go to complete the first draft of my current WIP). It’s the marketing which remains the tricky part 😉 Still, what else can we do but write?


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