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The future of the Fire Angel Universe Part 4: Teams

Continuing my look into the future of my Fire Angel Universe, I’m excited about some of the plans I have to create a couple of teams. Teams are one of the things that I really enjoy when it comes to superhero comics, but not due to what one might expect, namely having all the big names such Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman among others in one comic. Rather it’s the different interactions and clash of personalities that I enjoy the most. I found this out during my introduction to the X-Men through the 90s cartoon back when it first started in ’93.

One of the things I really liked about the show, and in the comics of the X-Men and Justice League, is that even though the characters may work as a team, it doesn’t mean the members are going to like each other all the time. For example, in the X-Men cartoon, Cyclops and Wolverine come to blows over a disagreement about how a mission should’ve been handled. This makes for much more tension and excitement, rather than having everyone getting along just because they’re on the same team.

I also enjoy it when teams gain and lose members. It freshens up the group and offers new people with whom to interact. I remember growing frustrated with the X-men cartoon when the roster wouldn’t change. They would have guest star characters who were part of the team in the comic, but they would only be in for an episode before coming up with an excuse for not becoming part of the team.

The clashing of characters and the freshening up of teams’ rosters is something I look forward to doing with my teams in the future. I’m hoping to elevate certain characters within these teams so that they might eventually be able to strike out on their own and have their own story to tell.

It’s going to be a challenge, but it’s going to be fun!


3 thoughts on “The future of the Fire Angel Universe Part 4: Teams

  1. Everyone’s different, and those differences should be reflected in the structure of the team, Paul. It also keeps the story going as well. When I next start writing about my superhero team, I’ll look at exploring this side of things myself… my characters tell me they’re a well-oiled machine, but that can’t be possible 100 per cent of the time! 🙂

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