The Revolution Diaries Part 2

I began this week with a visit to Somerset West Public Library, in my home town, to donate the first book of the Scorched Earth trilogy, Scorched Earth: Arrival, adding to the full set of my books to date that they already have on their shelves. As I was leaving, I reflected on how ironic it’d been that I’d only just returned from doing an interview with them for their ‘Library Week’ back in March, when I received the author copies of Arrival. Rather a neat turnaround!

Now to my progress on the third book of the trilogy, Scorched Earth: Revolution. Shortly after posting last week’s blog, where I guessed that the story needed to gain more chapters, I discovered that it did! I realized that I didn’t have sufficient chapters to include all that I had in mind for the novel. One is a key chapter to the story and I know I’ll need a couple more to ensure I wrap up all of the characters’ story arcs. As a result, the book has grown from forty-eight chapters to fifty-five. Assuming that by end of the book I haven’t needed to ditch any chapters, this will be the longest book chapter-wise that I’ve done so far.

Meanwhile, I worked a little more on the last chapter and began one of the final fight scenes. The latter is one of the first scenes I ever thought of when the idea of this trilogy came to me. The scene was further inspired by this battle theme from the game Final Fantasy 13:

Also, while I have been working mostly on the middle/end of the book, I’ve been brain storming the first chapter and more importantly, the attention-grabbing opening line. Having learnt from various articles on writing and the writing course I did, I had already started the book with a moment of tension. I’d thought I had the first chapter well underway, but then it dawned on me that it really wasn’t working. Fortunately, I only had to sacrifice a hundred and fifty words, but after some brain storming and thinking on my own, I believe I finally have something that works!

Now, on with the story…

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