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The Revolution Diaries Part 4

I began the week by finishing off the fight scene I’d been working on last week, before moving on to chapter two, which I’d already started, adding the opening paragraphs and some dialogue to the middle of the chapter. Then, since I was still in a fight scene mood, I wrote another big fight scene for one of the middle chapters, inspired by the Thor VS Hulk fight scene in the first Avengers movie. I’d been particularly looking forward to writing this ever since coming up with the Scorched Earth storyline. I was able to finish the fight scene in a single sitting – the most words I’ve written in a day in this book so far.

I decided to continue with that same chapter since I already knew what was coming next. This is where I’d planned that a couple of my characters from previous books would meet for the first time: the first superhero team up in the Fire Angel Universe! As you might imagine, this had me quite excited as I wrote the scene thinking about where the two characters had come from through the seven books I’ve written so far. (Wipes away a sentimental tear.)

I did get slightly stumped on how I was going to get the characters out of the dire situation I’d put them in, but after a brainstorming session I figured it out. Now I have a reunion between two characters and another character to introduce to them for the first time. The chapter still requires some bridging and an ending to finish it off, and then it’s just a question of how to get the rest of the cast to meet up. Still a lot of work to do and lots of further adventures ahead!


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