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The Revolution Diaries Part 5

This week turned out to be surprisingly productive as I continued working on the final book of my Scorched Earth trilogy. I say ‘surprisingly’ because at the beginning of the week, it certainly didn’t feel like it would turn out that way. In fact, it started off quite slowly as I began to work on the second chapter, staring at the screen and fearing writer’s block.

However, I managed to complete that chapter and move onto the third. I feared I might struggle with that as well, but thanks to some brainstorming, I got it done. After that, I returned to the second chapter and added even more to it. Now, looking over the first three chapters, I’m liking the slow burn pace that seems to be going on, as we gear up for the final battle of Earth against the Drahux Empire.

Once I’d completed those first three chapters, I decided to finish off the middle chapter that still required some bridging which I talked about last week. It was while I was working on this chapter that I had another surprise. The chapter turned out to be longer than I’d anticipated and once it was finally complete, I felt it best to split it in two. As a result I now have an extra chapter that I didn’t plan for, so I might end up having to add another chapter to the fifty-five I already have.

To end off the week I decided to switch around chapters 4-7, which were already in progress and continued working on the fourth chapter. Here’s hoping next week is just as productive as this has been. Let’s go!


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