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The Revolution Diaries Part 6

If last week was the most productive week on the third book of my Scorched Earth trilogy so far, then this week was the least. It started with me taking a few days off and when I slowly began to get back to working, I started with a few random lines in random chapters before eventually resuming chapter 4, which I’d begun last week.

In addition to that, this week I was mostly thinking on how to promote the Fire Angel Universe beyond the internet and after a brain storming session, I came up with a couple of ideas which I hope to begin looking into this coming week. Stay tuned for more news on that.

I also began ‘repackaging’ my Wattpad account into another extension of the Fire Angel Universe, as I have some stories in mind which I plan to post there. So keep an eye out for that. I’d like to end off by encouraging those who follow this blog on a regular basis and want to see more of the Fire Angel Universe, to check out the Fire Angel Universe Facebook page and my twitter account for more content such as character profiles which I’m currently putting up daily.

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