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The Revolution Diaries Part 8

Since chapter four of the final book of my Scorched Earth trilogy has been proving a bit of a slog, I decided to put it aside and work elsewhere in the book for a while. The question was where? While I was pondering on this, I realized I needed to introduce another character, which means that the first fourteen chapters are all introduction chapters. Then, while rearranging a few of these, I came up with the idea for the opening of one of them and before I knew it, chapter thirteen was complete.

As the week went on, I realized that some of the early chapters still needed to be rearranged before I could begin working on the chapter in which the newest character first appears. However, I haven’t managed to make much progress there yet.

Thinking over the story again, it occurred to me that another character introduction chapter was needed. At this point my mind was blown, as I’m now sitting with fifteen introduction chapters. In my first three books, Fire Angel: Genesis, Fire Angel: Turning Point and Fade: Shadows of the past, chapter fifteen seemed to be half way through the story, and yet here in this book, we’re only coming out of the introduction! (You think this is a lot? You should read the Song of Ice and Fire series, more commonly known now as Game of Thrones)

Meanwhile, I also made progress in pulling off the publicity ideas which I wasn’t able to do last week. Now it’s simply a case of getting them done (hopefully this coming week), getting them out there and seeing what happens.


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