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The Revolution Diaries Part 9

I began the week by switching around a few more of the introduction chapters of the final book in my Scorched Earth Trilogy. I think I’ve knocked that part of the book into shape now, but I’m sure there will be more chapters which I’ll need to switch around later in the book as the work progresses. Otherwise, I was concentrating on chapter 6… well more like plodding through it, but I’m slowly getting there! I also completed the final chapter of the book, so the ending of the story is done and dusted.

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned how I was ‘repackaging’ my Wattpad account as an extension of the Fire Angel Universe, to be a place for me to add some new stories. Now the first of those new stories has begun. It’s called Street Warrior, a story I’ve been planning for a couple of years and some of which I wrote when the idea first came to me.  I brainstormed it more this week and now the first chapter is complete. I had originally intended to publish it as a novel a couple of years down the line, but when I had the idea of turning my Wattpad account into part of the Fire Angel Universe, I thought Street Warrior was perfect to be the first story of my repackaged account. You can check it out here.

I had to put my publicity plans on hold again this week, unfortunately. However, I did sell a Fire Angel: Genesis/Fire Angel: Turning Point double pack, which makes up for the delay. I also heard that the cover for Scorched Earth: Takeover is 70% complete. All in all not a bad week, wouldn’t you say?


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