The Revolution Diaries Part 10

Welcome to the belated edition of the Backroom Bulletin. I had some internet issues last week which kept me offline for a few days. But hey, better late than never, right?

The week started with me finally getting to do the publicity I’d planned, namely getting some photos taken at Bookworms, the bookshop where my books are on sale, with the store owner, Waldo. I used the photos to write a promotional piece on the Fire Angel Universe Facebook Page for both the books and Bookworms. I also gave Waldo copies of the photos so that he too can hopefully use them to promote both his shop and the Fire Angel Universe. I have further plans for these photos, as I hope to promote my books elsewhere, not just online. Speaking of which, while I was at the shop I was informed of another exciting opportunity to get the Fire Angel Universe out there later this year, barring any lockdowns. I’ll keep you guys informed.

Meanwhile, I continued to expand the Fire Angel Universe on Wattpad by starting another story, currently called Josey & Jessie. Click here to check it out. This was another story I started a few years ago, at around the same time as I wrote most of the first chapter of Street Warrior. Like Street Warrior, my original plan was to publish it in a couple of years. I might still do some time.

Work on the final book of the Scorched Earth trilogy was a little slow this week. Nevertheless, I still made some progress: I’ve added another chapter and we’re now sitting at fifty-six chapters. I realized I needed another chapter to wrap up a character’s story at the end of the book. This led to me switching some chapters around, including a couple of the introduction chapters which I thought were set. Having done that, the story makes more sense to me, so at least that’s settled… for now, maybe?

In addition to that, I had fun starting a scene with a couple of characters meeting for the first time since this story began. I also added some other random lines in random chapters, before making some significant progress in chapter 6, which had me stumped for a while on how to continue. So once again, while it was a little slow, it wasn’t such a bad week after all.

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