The Revolution Diaries Part 12

Now that we’re into October, I’m setting my sights on my end of the year writing goal, which is hitting 30000 words by New Year’s Eve. I’m currently sitting at 14400 words in total, so there’s a lot of work ahead of me if I’m to hit that target.

The editing of the second book of the Scorched Earth trilogy, Takeover, is almost complete. (Thanks again to my mom and fellow writer, Chris Hall, for the assistance.) I’m still waiting on the cover but after contacting my cover designer, Marcus Meyer a couple of weeks ago, I found out it is 70% complete. Here’s hoping it all comes together before the end of the month.

Bearing this in mind and wanting to avoid potential future delays, once I reach the halfway mark of this third book in the trilogy, I’m considering asking Marcus if he could make a start on the cover, since I know it will take some time to do. Then, while I continue working on the second half of the book, he can be working on the design.

As I mentioned last week, I was thinking about moving a couple of paragraphs to another chapter since I’d written them from a different point of view. Having done so, that’s led to my kicking off one of the remaining blank chapters. Now the possibility of having to add more chapters to the fifty six I already have, becomes even more likely.

I was also able to finally finish off the stubborn chapter 6 which required me to do some research. (Thanks again Chris!)  It blew my mind to think of all that research was only for a couple of paragraphs. While the ending of the chapter came to me on Monday night as I was getting into bed! Thankfully, I remembered it the following morning.

After that, I moved on to working more on a couple of key chapters which come near the end of the story. They still require a lot of work and editing, but at least they are beginning to take shape.

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