The creation of the Fire Angel Universe Part 8

With the first book of the Scorched Earth trilogy, Scorched Earth: Arrival wrapped up, I set to work on Scorched Earth: Takeover, where now the Earth is slowly falling under alien rule. However, as soon as I began, some of my original plans changed, right from the first chapter. Matt Braddock, the Sentinel, who had a brief appearance in Arrival, was only supposed to appear again much later in a storyline I’m still putting together, yet when I changed my mind about how the first chapter was going to play out, I needed a new point of view character and Matt Braddock was the only one that made sense. As a result, he became part of the story much earlier than planned and a new plot was formed.

Once the new Sentinel storyline had begun, I came up with another character who I’d intended to be a once-off minor character. However, the more I worked on him, the more I realized that he was a character who I’d planned to introduce in the first post-Scorched Earth book. Now here he was, two books earlier than I’d originally intended.

I created the Scorched Earth trilogy as the start of the ‘space corner’ of the Fire Angel Universe. From the outset, I wanted to make more of the aliens than just entities for our heroes to punch when the time came, so I began developing a few of the characters from the invading Drahux Empire. Allow me to introduce you to the principal players I’ve created so far:

Sholet, a Romelian who, along with her parents, was captured by space pirates when she was a child and sold into slavery on the Drahux homeworld Rounos, where she was forced to fight in the fighting pits to survive.

General Tuleer is the leader of the Drahux invasion against Earth, and a champion of the Imperial fighting pits, who now has a blood lust for fighting and is strongly loyal to the Empire and its reigning Empress, Disheer.

Captain Guttseer, in charge of his own fleet in the invasion and son of a high ambassador, is also loyal to the Empire, despite how they’d wronged him after killing his lifemate, while he was forced to watch. She was deemed unworthy of bearing his offspring.

Vradag is a Tol, an alien species known for its schemes. He has used such schemes to manoeuvre his way up the ladder to get as close as possible to the Empress, where he now sits as the liaison between her and the Drahux forces invading Earth.

Quite an interesting group, I think you’ll agree!

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