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The Revolution Diaries part 22

I started the week by working on the synopsis of Fade: Shadows of the Past. This is the second of the synopses which I’m preparing to send to the head office of a book store I’m hoping will accept my books. Unfortunately, I didn’t get very far; I will have to brainstorm and rewrite it, as it’s proving a little trickier than the one for Fire Angel: Genesis.

As for working on the third book of my Scorched Earth trilogy, I initially wasn’t happy with the progress I was making this week, as it felt slow. But I completed chapters twenty-one and twenty-two as part of the build-up to a big fight scene. Then, while watching the season finale of the Marvel series, ‘Hawkeye’, I was struck with some inspiration for a scene and a line of dialogue in chapter sixty-nine, so added that in as well before switching four chapters around. With chapter twenty-two complete there’s only one chapter left for the build-up: chapter thirty-four. This brings me to nine hundred and seventy-three words away from my end-of-the-year goal. Not bad for a so-called “slow week”!

And to end off, here’s hoping you guys have a safe and wonderful time over this festive season. I’ll see you in the New Year!


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