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The Revolution Diaries part 23

Starting off this week, let me take you back in time to the final week of 2021 when I was determined not only to reach my end-of-the-year goal which still required nine hundred and seventy-three words but also to finish the build-up to a big fight scene I’d been working on over the previous weeks. However, before setting to work on chapter thirty-four, the final chapter of the build-up, while randomly thinking about one of the scenes at the end of Captain America: The First Avenger, I was suddenly struck by an idea for chapter sixty-nine.

Writing chapter thirty-four took a couple of days and even though it’s completed, I feel I might still go back to add some more meat to it. However, I had another three hundred or so words to do before reaching the goal, so I set about working on some random lines for chapters sixty-four, forty-nine, and twenty-nine, before starting on chapter eighteen in which I begin bringing all my characters together to meet for the first time and to gather for the final big battle against the alien empire! With that, I managed to reach my goal four days before the end of the year! Then, as I mentioned last week, two days later the author copies of Scorched Earth: Takeover arrived. Not a bad week to end off the year.

All the way back in part ten of ‘The Revolution Diaries’, I mentioned an exciting opportunity in getting the Fire Angel Universe further out there, which I learned about when visiting the local new and second-hand bookshop, Bookworms, that has my books on the shelves. Now that everything is nailed down, I can reveal that myself and fellow writer Chris Hall, will be part of a book launch for another local author, Jill Morsbach’s new book, ‘Noah and the Solar Powered Ark’, on the 15th of January. All my books will be for sale including the latest Scorched Earth: Takeover!

This week I continued working on Scorched Earth: Revolution adding a paragraph to chapter twenty-one and switching chapters eight and nine around, with plans to do a little rewriting on both. But progress still proved to be a little slow, so I changed gear and began working on the second chapter of my ‘Josey & Jessie’ story on Wattpad, which I had set aside in order to focus on reaching my end of the year goal on my latest book.

Meanwhile, having delivered a copy of Scorched Earth: Takeover to the Bookworms bookstore, I started working on the drawing of the last character for the cover of my current book. Then, to end off the week, I began my second attempt at the Synopsis for Fade: Shadows of the past.


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