The Revolution Diaries part 24

It was another week of modest progress as I continued working on the final book of my Scorched Earth trilogy. I concentrated on the minor rewrite I had planned after switching chapters eight and nine around; I’ve still more to write in chapter nine, but that’s something for next week. After that, I worked on finishing the first of two scenes of the current chapter of one of my Wattpad stories, ‘Josey & Jessie’ and have started on the next scene as well.

On Tuesday, I decided to pay a visit to the local library to see if anything had changed. As I mentioned last week, one of my books hadn’t been returned and has been overdue for quite a while. Unfortunately, it still hasn’t, which now delays the display and photo that we’d discussed.

Meanwhile, I continued working on the synopsis for Fade: Shadows of the Past. Finally, I have managed to make a little progress, although I still need to do more work on it. Putting that aside for the moment, I made contact with another bookshop to attempt to get my books in there and they gave me the websites for a couple of distributors. I’d previously attempted to phone one of the distributors having received their contact info back in November; there was no response, so I’m going to drop them an e-mail.

Lastly, I’ve been working on fixing up the drawing of the last character for the cover of my current book, Scorched Earth: Revolution, which is slowly getting there.

All this, while promoting the book launch that will have taken place by the time you read this. I’ll give you a report on that next week.

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