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Bookworms’ book launch

Last Saturday I was delighted to be a part of local author Jill Morsbach’s launch of her latest book ‘Noah and the Solar Powered Ark’ along with fellow writer, Chris Hall with her books, at an event hosted by Bookworms’ bookstore owner, Waldo Boshoff. The three of us each put a copy of one of our books up for a raffle and despite it being my third novel, I decided to go with Fade: Shadows of the Past, since Fade needs more exposure than Fire Angel does at this point.

The atmosphere was very pleasant with everyone chatting and mingling and talking about the books. I really enjoyed introducing them to the Fire Angel Universe and I sold copies of the first two books of the Scorched Earth trilogy, Arrival, and Takeover, as well as a double pack of Fade: Shadows of the Past and Family Portrait: A Fade: Spin-off, so that was even more exposure for the Fade corner of the universe!

In the final hour of the event, activity started to die down and it was time to draw the raffle winners. I was delighted that the person who won the copy of Fade had really taken an interest in the book, carefully reading the blurb before even entering the raffle.

The event was another great opportunity to get out there, and now I’m determined to look for more book events in which to participate, especially ones tailored to my audience of young adults. But for now, for a great morning and a good time had by all, thank you, Jill and Waldo!


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