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The Revolution Diaries part 30

This week I continued working on chapter twenty-four of the final book of the Scorched Earth trilogy, skipping slightly ahead to write the end of the chapter. All that’s left to do now is to bridge the gap between where I left off and the ending, and that’ll be another chapter done. After that, I jumped around some other chapters adding a few random lines, also returning to the previously completed chapter thirty-four to add a little more.

A creative week wouldn’t be complete without a little bit of brainstorming. This time I leaped ahead and worked out the ending of what will be my eighteenth book.

Meanwhile, the Fire Angel Universe Business cards have been printed and I’m ready to distribute them ASAP. I also managed to finally gather together all the information required by the head office of the bookstore that I’m hoping will take in my books and e-mailed it to them. Now it’s just a waiting game…


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