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The Revolution Diaries part 31

This week began with some frustrating and disappointing news. As I mentioned before, I had asked the cover designer of my last three books, Marcus Meyer, if he’d be up for doing the cover of my current book, the final part of my Scorched Earth trilogy. I’d put my request in early, while I’m still finishing the book since I have a feeling it will take a while to design considering I want a wrap-around cover this time. Unfortunately, after reading what I had in mind, he replied saying that he’d been preparing for a new job and that the scope of what I’m looking for is too big for him to handle with this new job looming. So it looks like the hunt is on for a new cover designer.

I also mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I’d managed to get the contact number of another bookstore head office, but so far I have been unable to make contact. I’m hoping to make another attempt next week.

These setbacks didn’t hamper my progress on the book though. I worked briefly on chapter thirty before resuming and finishing off chapter twenty-four, then moving on to chapter twenty-five. However, after having started that chapter, I felt that it would work better as part of chapter twenty-four, so I added what I had written to that previous chapter before working on it a bit more, now finishing it off with a new ending. Then I started chapter twenty-five again, this time with a new idea.

So, despite some disappointing news, rolling power outages, and a sabotaged transformer (the latter keeping me offline all of Friday) I was still able to make some pretty good progress.


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