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The Revolution Diaries part 32

This week I finally managed to get through to the head office of the second bookstore I’d approached. However, they said they could only take my books via a distributor. They were kind enough to provide me the contact info of a few, so guess that’s my next step.

As I mentioned last week, I am now in need of a new cover artist after the one who did my last three books said he was unable to help with my latest. Having put a post on our local community page asking for cover artists, I was contacted by one who seemed interested, so I directed them to my Fire Angel Facebook page to get a feel for the style of my covers. I’m just waiting for them to get back to me now. There were a few other artists who approached me as well so at least I have a few options.

Meanwhile, after working a bit on chapters thirty and seventeen of the final book of the Scorched Earth trilogy, I completed chapter twenty-five, though I might go back to add more to it. I then began working on chapter twenty-nine. While working on that chapter I realized I was going to have to add another chapter, after it dawned on me that a bit of the story, which was taking place in chapter forty-seven, would work better if it happened sooner, namely in chapter thirty-one, thus bringing the book to seventy-five chapters.

While adding the new chapter, I had been multi-tasking by watching some episodes of Star Wars: Clone Wars, which made me begin thinking about what will be my twelfth book, as more of the plot began to take shape. So, despite another setback and delay, it was still a productive and creative week here at the Backroom Bulletin.

Speaking of the Backroom Bulletin, this week marks the one-year anniversary since I started this blog. So to end off, I’d like to thank those who’ve been reading and have joined since then. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!


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