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The Revolution Diaries part 34

I spent this week focusing on neatening up the third book of the Scorched Earth trilogy, Scorched Earth: Revolution. I rearranged a few chapters and added or deleted various lines from previously completed chapters, before finishing off chapter thirty-one. Then I began working on chapters thirty-two and thirty-three while adding random lines to random chapters as the first half of the book nears completion.

Looking over my total word count, nearing forty thousand words so far, this book has a good chance of being my longest, considering there is still a lot of work to be done on the second half. Not to mention the fact that I might still need to add at least three or four more chapters to the second half of the book. We’ll see.

Yet, despite the progress I’ve made this week, as I write this, I feel as if I haven’t made much progress at all, since nothing much has happened in terms of getting me or my books out there. Then again, life has been getting in the way a bit. Still, I’m looking forward to meeting the cover designer on Monday to discuss what she can come up with for the new book cover.


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