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The Revolution Diaries part 39

This week started slowly. After I’d completed chapter twenty-two of the final book of the Scorched Earth trilogy, I wanted to move on to chapter twenty-three, but I wasn’t sure how to proceed with this particular sub-plot. Fortunately, after a couple of brainstorming sessions, I managed to get past the writer’s block and was on the move again. Soon, that was another chapter finished and I was ready for the next. Finally, I finished off the writing portion of the week with a few random lines for a couple of chapters.

After that, I had another brainstorming session during which I began to nail down a few things that were bugging me about the plot of the next book. As a result, the plot is beginning to become clearer, fitting in with what I’d already planned. There’s still work to do on some new characters which I’m going to introduce, but before that, there’s this alien invasion that is yet to be overcome.


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