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The Revolution Diaries part 41

Back on track after last week’s brush with self-doubt, I finished off chapter thirty-six of the final book of the Scorched Earth trilogy and moved on to the last two chapters of the first half of the book. I began with chapter seventeen where I’m dealing with the story from the aliens’ point of view since they have their own drama going on beyond simply invading Earth. By this point, I had reached the fifty thousand word mark, with only one more chapter in the first half of the book to go and the rest of the second half still remaining.

I then returned to chapter thirty-six again. I’d been flip-flopping about whether to add a little more to the story here or not, but I eventually decided I would. In addition to that, I wrote a few more random lines in a couple of random chapters. It was then time to finish off the first half of the book with chapter twenty. With that done, the first forty-one chapters are completed.

I will now turn my attention to the remaining 97% of the second half of the book, while also beginning the final edits of the completed forty-one chapters.

Finally, I contacted my cover designer to update her on my progress. She reminded me that she’s temporarily had to put my cover on hold while doing another project for a client with the deadline set for June 10th. Once that’s done, she’ll resume the cover for Scorched Earth: Revolution. She’s still confident that she’ll finish the cover on time, so that’s a big worry out of the way.

So far everything seems to be running smoothly, guys!


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