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The Revolution Diaries part 42

With the first half of the last book in the Scorched Earth trilogy, Scorched Earth: Revolution, finished and currently going through final edits, I can at last turn my full attention on what remains of the second half of the book. This week I began the first of two sections that I’ve been looking forward to writing ever since the start of this trilogy. It’s where the majority of my main characters finally begin to interact with each other for the first time in chapter forty-three.

Upon completing that chapter, I switched a few chapters around and added some random lines to a couple more. Then I began chapter forty-four with two particular characters who I’ve especially been looking forward to having interact. Who are these characters? You might ask, but that’d be telling and I don’t tell, sorry guys. I did struggle a bit with this chapter and a brainstorming session was required. However, after that session, my fingers flew across the keyboard. The door has now been opened for some potential future storylines and I’m excited to see where I could go from here, post Scorched Earth.


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