The Revolution Diaries part 44

As the new week dawned, I completed chapter forty-five of the last book of the Scorched Earth trilogy, Scorched Earth: Revolution, and moved on to chapter forty-six. After a couple of paragraphs in, I found I wasn’t happy with the second paragraph and deleted it. Then I realized that I was stuck. Everything came to a juddering halt…

I had writer’s block.

Initially, I wasn’t too concerned, figuring I’d solve the problem the next day. Only that didn’t happen. As the week went on, I ended up just adding random lines to random chapters. Then finally, after a brainstorming session near the end of the week, I managed to get a little more done on chapter forty-six. It wasn’t much, but it was still something and I was moving on.

Meanwhile, as of next week, my cover designer should hopefully be resuming work on the cover since Friday was the deadline for the other project she was doing. I’m hoping to hear more on that in the coming days. Other than that I’ve worked out that I have around thirty-four chapters remaining to complete so barring any further writer’s block, I should be done in the next couple of months.

4 thoughts on “The Revolution Diaries part 44

  1. Writer’s Block…! Ugh!
    You’d think that blank canvas would be more of a help than a hindrance, wouldn’t you?
    Here’s hoping you hear more about your cover soon, Paul.


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