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The Revolution Diaries part 45

After almost a week’s worth of writer’s block, I started this week by finally finishing off chapter forty-six and moving on to chapter forty-seven. Here, I have a couple of characters interacting for the first time, so I used the opportunity to unveil some of one of the character’s backstory, fleshing them out a little more, and leaving me to wonder where I might go with this character in the future. I also began building this character’s family tree. I had a lot of fun with this, since creating characters and their backgrounds is one of my favourite parts of writing.

It also set me wondering which parts of the writing process other writers really enjoy. If you’re a writer, what’s your favourite part? Let me know in the comments!

Mid-week, I moved on to chapter forty-eight and completed it. Then, as the week came to a close, I added a couple of random lines in a few other chapters too. Good progress after a short bout of writer’s block, wouldn’t you agree?

In other news, I e-mailed a marketing and book distributor recommended to me by the first book shop I approached last year, asking for their assistance in getting my books in the store. I had tried phoning earlier this year but I had no response. Hopefully, something comes of the e-mail.

I’d also heard nothing from the other bookshop I mentioned earlier in the year. This was the one which advised me to send my book blurbs and other information to their head office. Having contacted them again, I was advised that they were waiting for their general manager to approve them sending the information to their various stores. Now another month has almost come and gone and again I’ve received no response. Time for another e-mail I’d say.


9 thoughts on “The Revolution Diaries part 45

  1. I like seeing the story unfold, Paul, and the way how little avenues appear along the way, waiting to be explored in the future! 😊


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