The Revolution Diaries part 46

This week, with chapter forty-eight of the final book of the Scorched Earth trilogy complete, I moved on to chapter forty-nine as the characters continued to interact and debate among themselves. Once that chapter was done, I worked on a few random lines before starting work on both chapters fifty and fifty-four.

Other than that, I’ve continued to move chapters over to Word from the program I use, Ywriter, in preparation for final editing. In so doing, I’m seeing that this book is growing quite large page wise which I admit has me excited, as I’d envisioned this final book of the trilogy to be the longest out of the three.

Meanwhile, it’s been a week since I emailed the marketing and book distributor that I mentioned last week and have had no response, I’m beginning to suspect that maybe the e-mail and phone number don’t exist or have been changed, as there was no response when I phoned back in January. Will try phoning one more time next week.

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