The Revolution Diaries part 50

After two exciting weeks of seeing the display of my books at the local library and getting the first two books, Fire Angel: Genesis and Fire Angel: Turning Point accepted into a bookstore, things returned to normal. However, the work on the final book of the Scorched Earth trilogy continued. After completing chapter fifty-six, I moved on to chapter fifty-seven. When I was about halfway through this chapter, it dawned on me that I only had about a couple of chapters left of the subplot of which this chapter was a part, and decided to focus on completing said plot before carrying on with the rest of the book.

With that thought in mind, I completed chapter fifty-seven and moved on to switching chapters sixty-nine and seventy around before going over chapter seventy, which was basically done already and just needed some patching up. Having done that, I moved on to finishing chapter seventy-seven and with that, it was one subplot complete. I then moved back to chapter sixty-nine which was the last chapter of another subplot and started to finish that up as well.

While there might have been nothing exciting happening this week, (although I did get a sale of a double pack of Fire Angel: Genesis & Fire Angel: Turning Point, that’s always great!) I was able to make significant progress on the book and the fact that we’re now having a reprieve from rolling power outages is a plus and certainly helped speed things along. So all in all, a pretty good week.

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