The Revolution Diaries part 52

When this week started, I was concerned it was going to be one of slow progress. However, as I sit here, I am happy to inform you guys that I was wrong. A lot of time was spent rearranging a few chapters this week in the second half of the final book of the Scorched Earth trilogy, until I was satisfied. I wrote the opening of chapter fifty-eight which at first was a bit clunky and I wasn’t happy with it, until I had the idea to get inspiration from the Hulk versus Hulkbuster fight scene in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Having watched that scene, the opening of the chapter flowed a lot smoother. I worked quite a bit on it in various places as well as chapter fifty-nine. I was able to finish most of those two chapters, though there are still a few gaps needing to be bridged.

Aside from switching chapters around, I realized I could combine two chapters into one which gave me room to now write the ending for a character in their own chapter, rather than having to share it with another character’s ending chapter. I then combined another two chapters and as a result was able to cut the book down by one chapter, bringing it from eighty chapters to seventy-nine. Once the two chapters were combined, I was able to finish off chapter sixty-three. Then after a brief bout of writer’s block, I completed chapters sixty and sixty-one. The latter was quite easy to do, since all that was required to finish was the opening, before starting to work on sixty-five. As a result the book only has thirteen chapters left to complete.

Meanwhile, the hunt for a new cover designer continues, but I’m quite pleased with the work I was able to do this week, although I kind of wish I had been able to do even more. However, we’re getting there slowly but surely…

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