The Revolution Diaries part 53

The first half of this week was mainly focused on completing chapter fifty-eight of the Scorched Earth trilogy. Everything seemed to be going well until I reached a particular part and writer’s block once again struck. For the first couple of days, I tried to solve the issue but eventually decided to just continue with the rest of the chapter before going back to that part. Finally, the following day after some more brainstorming, I managed to work my way past the block and completed the chapter which has turned out to be the longest chapter in the book so far.

I next moved on to chapter fifty-nine which thankfully wasn’t as hard to finish as the previous chapter, since most of it was already written and just required some bridging in certain places. In a couple of days, this chapter too was finished, resulting in the completion of the first sixty-one chapters with ten more left to go. After that, I moved on to begin chapter sixty-six.

Meanwhile, I had a bit of a scare with the copies of my books which I’d sent via courier service to the head office of the bookstore which had accepted them. After contacting them to find out if they’d received the package, I learned that they hadn’t and yet they should’ve done so last week. After some investigating, I discovered that the books had in fact arrived but the head office had not been notified. Now with that scare out of the way, time to get back to work…

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