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The Revolution Diaries part 55

This was another productive week as I continued working on the aftermath in the final book of the Scorched Earth trilogy, which began with the completion of chapter seventy which I’d started last week. I then moved on to chapter seventy-seven which proved a little tough to get going, until I remembered a reference I could use from the first book of the trilogy, Scorched Earth: Arrival. Once that was written, it was smooth sailing for the rest of the chapter. After that, it was on to chapter seventy-three, where I once again hit a bit of a snag that lasted a couple of days as I tried to figure out how to end the chapter. I had a specific idea in mind but couldn’t quite work out how to pull it off. Eventually, I decided to go in a slightly different direction in order to complete the chapter.

With the momentum from the previously completed chapters still going and with the end of the book in sight, I moved on to chapter seventy-four, which has turned out to be the only chapter in the whole book with multiple scenes. The first scene was easy to complete, whereas the ending of the second had me once again a little stumped and I briefly went over to chapter seventy-two and worked on the opening for a while, before returning to complete seventy-four. With that chapter done, it was back to finishing off seventy-two leaving only chapter seventy-one to do before Scorched Earth: Revolution is complete…


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