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The Revolution Diaries: The Final Chapter

After having written last week’s post, the time had finally come to finish chapter seventy-one which was the only chapter left to be completed in the final book of the Scorched Earth trilogy, Scorched Earth: Takeover. I will admit I found it challenging to find the perfect way to end this chapter and even though it has been completed, when I go back to it during the final editing stage, I’ll see if I can improve the ending even more.

Now with the book finished, all that’s needed is to do the final edits and finally find a cover designer to do the wrap-around cover I have in mind. Meanwhile, I’ve already begun work on my next book, the next chapter of the Fire Angel Universe, post-Scorched Earth.

And there we have it guys, a full year’s look at how I go about writing my novels. Here’s hoping you enjoyed the ride. See you next week.


3 thoughts on “The Revolution Diaries: The Final Chapter

  1. Knowing you, Paul, it’s never The End! You have a knack for keeping us in suspense, waiting to see what weird and wonderful tales you come up with. Congrats on (more or less) reaching the the final chapter of the “Final Chapter”.

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