Starting from scratch all over again

After three years of working on my Scorched Earth trilogy, it’s finally time to begin a new story. With that in mind, I’ve been spending time brainstorming with my friend Travis. SHOUT OUT TO TRAVIS HAYES! HEEEEEYYYY!!! and thought for this week I’d share with you some of the stuff we’ve come up with for the next book of the Fire Angel Universe so far:

Paul: So first off we have {REDACTED} and {REDACTED} still in {REDACTED} obviously working out of {REDACTED} am trying to decide if we would have {REDACTED} accompany {REDACTED} when she {REDACTED}, like in the case of the {REDACTED} of the {REDACTED}

Travis: She could, in a more like a tag-along situation

Paul: Cool beans! The first {REDACTED}! As I see {REDACTED} happening while {REDACTED} so {REDACTED} does it more so that {REDACTED} doesn’t have to and because {REDACTED}.

Travis: I like this, great idea!

Paul: And of course, the teens are eating this up on social media, seeing all the {REDACTED} and all. {REDACTED}. Of course {REDACTED} now that she’s no longer {REDACTED}

Travis: Of course. What if this {REDACTED} is what begins {REDACTED}? Maybe not in this story but could be the {REDACTED}.

Paul: Yup I like that!

Travis As she’s the {REDACTED} of {REDACTED}

Paul: As we did say she {READACTED} in the next {REDACTED} book after {REDACTED quits {REDACTED}

Travis: That we did.

Paul: Right that’s {REDACTED} spot taken care of, I was wondering about doing a scene where {REDACTED} would meet with {REDACTED} about {REDACTED} because {REDACTED}

Travis: Maybe mentioning how it’s {REDACTED} for her that {REDACTED}

And that’s a taste of what’s to come in the new book I’m working on. What?! you weren’t expecting full spoilers, were you? 😉

Outside of brainstorming, I also plan on watching the movie. Dredd, for inspiration on the climactic fight scene I have in mind. Meanwhile, the ongoing search for a cover designer for Scorched Earth: Revolution continues while I continue to work on the final edits. Hardly a dull moment in the Fire Angel Universe.

4 thoughts on “Starting from scratch all over again

  1. Well, Paul, your new story sounds very [Redacted]! I wish I could help you with your cover, I create my own 3D pictures for my super characters, but I’m quite short on time at present… I’m also not sure the rendering process I use would be able to create a full wraparound image. I’m sure something will come along for you soon.


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