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Where It All Began Part 1

I’ve previously told you about how I came up with the idea of the Fire Angel Universe, but how did I even get into this crazy world of writing in the first place? Most authors I’ve heard about were often inspired to become writers from books they’d read, but as for me, I didn’t really become a reader until I was eleven (four years after I started getting into writing stories). My writing journey began when I was seven all the way back in 1987, where one day while at my grandparents’ house, I was watching an episode of Transformers which was the first of a three-part story. When the preview for the next episode came on, I was struck by the inspiration of wanting to write my own Transformers story on my grandmother’s typewriter.

After that first attempt at a story, (which wasn’t that good,) I would slowly improve in my writing, especially after getting a typewriter of my own, before eventually working on the computer. Though it would be years before I’d gain the confidence to create my own characters, for as much as my mother and others, (including my third-grade teacher) would encourage me to make my own characters, I was more comfortable writing fan fiction, such as Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

The first challenge was to actually get a story started, as I would often write the opening paragraph but after that, wouldn’t know how to proceed further. Yet as I began gaining confidence in writing stories (though still writing fan fiction) and warming up to the idea of wanting to be a writer, that was when the real challenges and attempted discouragement started popping up…


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