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Where It All Began Part 2

I’ve mentioned before how I used to draw consistently from the time I was in preschool. When I developed an interest in writing stories, I began drawing and writing my own fan fiction comic books. Once I became interested in superhero comics in 1992, a friend and I would often spend time drawing and discussing comics. There was even a time we fantasized about going into business together in writing/drawing and selling our own comics. Little did we know that writing novels and comics are two different animals.

in 1993 my friend moved away and I was left with no one to share my love of comics and drawing as none of my other friends had that same interest, though they all knew of my love of writing stories. However, I did try to get one friend interested, though he quickly showed he had no such inclination. One day he unexpectedly turned on me, claiming I was no longer his friend ‘because real boys don’t draw! Real boys don’t write stories!’ I was shocked and hurt by this and spent the rest of the day thinking whether I really was doing something that boys didn’t normally do and if I should give up my dream of becoming a writer. I soon decided I wouldn’t give it up but no longer spoke to that friend about comics or writing.

Meanwhile, in 1994 I had the idea of starting to draw and write my own Batman comic series which I became quite passionate about. This lasted until early January 1997 when I gave up my drawing aspirations due to a lack of time because of school. While I do draw these days, it’s no longer as consistent as it once was…


2 thoughts on “Where It All Began Part 2

  1. I’m surprised you still maintained contact with that half-wit who ridiculed your drawing and writing. Who did he think Marvel Comics was created by? I’m glad you ignored his dumb opinion and kept on writing and drawing. You rock, Paul!

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