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Where It All Began part 3

Shortly after having the confrontation with the friend who’d ridiculed my writing and drawing, there was one morning while waiting for class to start, that I tried to work out how old I’d be by the time I finally left school, as I was concerned there wouldn’t be enough years to see my dream of becoming an author come to fruition. To this day I’m convinced that I miscalculated and If I could go back in time I’d tell myself to relax, that everything would turn out fine.

I mentioned last week that in 1994, I had the idea of writing and drawing my own Batman fan-fiction comic series. This was the time that I ultimately decided on becoming a writer. Unfortunately, that same year was when I began high school, which saw an increase in the work and homework load and while I was still able to find time to work on the comic, it was fairly limited during school terms. At the same time I was growing bored and quite frustrated about having to go to school, imagining all the time I could have to work on my comic without school in the way. The fact I no longer had friends at school to distract me, didn’t help.

By 1996, my tolerance for school was in free fall and I was spending recess walking around by myself in the quiet area in front of the school plotting out my Batman comic series, which by now I was quite passionate about.

Sometime that year, my mother found out about a writing correspondence course and asked if I’d be interested in doing it. Unfortunately, I still wasn’t confident in myself to create my own original characters. I was also convinced that if I did do the course along with having to do school homework, I wouldn’t have time to work on my comic.

Knowing that I was miserable at school, my mother and teachers discussed the idea of me leaving school at the end of the year. However, a few months later, my mother decided to arrange for me to go back to my original school the following year, where a couple of my friends were, thinking I’d be happier there with friends around me. That didn’t turn out so well, considering I was fed up with school in general and was always a little uncomfortable in that school as it had an unfriendly, cold vibe. This would be when I gave up working on my Batman comic due to lack of time.

One of the subjects I’d always battled with in school was Afrikaans (one of South Africa’s eleven official languages) and with my original school being mostly Afrikaans, I found it extremely difficult to understand. Despite me telling my Afrikaans teacher this, she’d still end up putting me on recess detention on two separate occasions for not understanding the work. During recess I’d have to stand facing the wall doing nothing. However, as I’d done the past few years during recess, I took the time to try and plot out a potential story in my mind that I could’ve been working on instead. So I never considered it as punishment at all…


2 thoughts on “Where It All Began part 3

  1. What a dumb, short-sighted teacher! She should have had you sit at her desk while she explained the Afrikaans terms to you so you could at least have had some understanding of what was expected of you.


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