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Characters of the Fire Angel Universe: Fire Angel

Haley Hunter is caring and compassionate about her family, especially considering their grave financial situation and her little brother’s serious health condition. This plays on her emotions causing her to be preoccupied with wanting to see a major change. One of her major goals and objectives is to one-day ‘rescue’ her family from their situation bringing about financial stability for her parents and hasten a breakthrough in her brother’s heart condition.

She is still a normal teenager with frustrations, mood swings and rebellious outbursts mostly over said family situation and also resents condescension especially from immediate family members. She is impulsive and tends to get impatient with people who don’t think or act as quickly as she does or when things don’t go as originally planned, this makes her rather intolerant and inflexible. She is quite competitive but not to the point where she obsesses about being the best.

Haley doesn’t have many friends outside of her social standing but the few she does have, she has a loyal and selfless relationship. Her friend Serenity Scala has a calming effect on her especially when she is hyped up or anxious. When she is with David Jackson, who is her childhood friend, she enjoys a pleasant relationship with no complications as their friendship is purely platonic. One of her hobbies is collecting teddy bears and David has been her main source over the years.

She has an adventurous, courageous spirit. She is often witty and this becomes evident when she ‘lets her mask down’ when concealing her identity as Fire Angel. This gives her more confidence and spunk when coming against any threat.


6 thoughts on “Characters of the Fire Angel Universe: Fire Angel

  1. I’m with Chris, Paul… although we didn’t see that much of her during the invasion (however, I’m currently reading through Scorched Earth: Revolution (just started), so that may change!
    I’ve been working on a little Fire Angel ‘fan art’, which I’ll let you see when it’s done… a few tweaks are still needed for now, however! 🙂
    Looking forward to reading about your other characters.

    Liked by 1 person

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