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Characters of the Fire Angel Universe: Detective Alberto DiMaggio

Detective Alberto DiMaggio is a man of integrity, adheres to uphold the law though at times comes close to breaking it, caring more for the victims’ rights than the criminals’. He has a soft spot for the downtrodden and would be the first on the scene of a murdered homeless man while having a deep hatred for people who can ‘buy’ their way out of a jail cell.

DiMaggio is clearly passionate about his work to the point that he’s a workaholic, but it also prevents him from sinking into depression after his wife left him years ago. Considering he’s always at the station and has no time for a proper meal, he stops over at fast food outlets for a quick bite. He also uses his love of fast food as compensation for the loneliness he feels.

2 thoughts on “Characters of the Fire Angel Universe: Detective Alberto DiMaggio

  1. Sounds like a real good guy, caring more about the victim’s rights than the criminal’s. Also sounds like he needs to meet some really caring and loving female partner. I wonder if he will…

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