The future of the Fire Angel Universe Part 3: The revolving door of death

I’ve recently been sharing my thoughts on the future of the Fire Angel Universe now that I’m coming closer to writing the final book of the Scorched Earth trilogy and what lies beyond that. I’ve spoken about the legacy of characters and the need to create new characters to be new heroes, as opposed toContinue reading “The future of the Fire Angel Universe Part 3: The revolving door of death”

The future of the Fire Angel Universe Part 2: The toybox and the reset button

Who remembers playing with their action figures back in the day? Each time you created adventures for them and when you were finished you put them back in the toybox and the status quo was reset, ready for the next adventure. Now imagine if their story, just like life continued without the reset button, howContinue reading “The future of the Fire Angel Universe Part 2: The toybox and the reset button”

The future of the Fire Angel Universe Part 1: Legacy

I’m starting to look beyond the Scorched Earth trilogy which I’m currently writing, and think about what’s to come in the future of the Fire Angel Universe. I’ve begun to consider the new characters who will soon make their debuts and I’ve even begun to ponder on the next generation of characters, especially since oneContinue reading “The future of the Fire Angel Universe Part 1: Legacy”

News from the writer’s desk

It’s been a bit of a slow week here in the Backroom, although I’ve made some good progress on the second book of the Scorched Earth trilogy. I have just twelve more chapters to write, but I’m battling to contend with the daily rolling power outages, or ‘load shedding’ as it’s called here in SouthContinue reading “News from the writer’s desk”

Second anniversary of Fade’s book launch

This coming Monday, May 31st, will mark the second anniversary of my second book launch which I shared with fellow writer, Chris Hall. This early evening event saw my third book, Fade: Shadows of the Past, join my two previous books, ‘Fire Angel: Genesis’ and ‘Fire Angel: Turning Point’ in the Fire Angel Universe, whileContinue reading “Second anniversary of Fade’s book launch”

My creative process Part 3

By the time I decided to create what would become the Fire Angel Universe I had already written a few short stories containing a number of characters that I knew I could integrate into my new superhero stories. I’ve mentioned in my previous blogs how I did this with some of the characters, such asContinue reading “My creative process Part 3”

My creative process part 2

All writers work differently. Some are heavily into outlining and plotting; others are completely the opposite and dive in with only the vaguest of ideas of where their story might go (or so they claim). I’m somewhere in the middle. I’ve talked in previous posts about my process for character development but with most ofContinue reading “My creative process part 2”

My creative process part 1

People often ask me where I get my story ideas from. Sometimes the spark of the idea might emerge from a single random thought. Or it could be from something I’m watching where I start to consider how I might tell the story differently. Maybe it’s something I’ve read or a picture I’ve seen. ButContinue reading “My creative process part 1”

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