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The Revolution Diaries part 29

With the majority of the books I’ve written so far, I’ve noticed that once I reach the 30,000-word mark, I begin slowing down and this affects my output significantly until I finally pass that hump and hit the magic 40,000 words. This time, however, much to my surprise and delight, I’ve been making much betterContinue reading “The Revolution Diaries part 29”


The Revolution Diaries part 28

Having started chapter twenty of Scorched Earth: Revolution, the final book of the Scorched Earth trilogy last week, I’ve continued to work on that. The characters are starting to assemble for the eventual big team-up I have planned for them to fight back against the alien threat. I also took a small detour and jumpedContinue reading “The Revolution Diaries part 28”

The Revolution Diaries part 27

This week started with my cover designer, Marc Meyer, officially agreeing to do the cover for the third book of the Scorched Earth trilogy. I e-mailed him the example I showed you guys a couple of weeks ago, along with the character designs and an explanation of what I have in mind. Now the ballContinue reading “The Revolution Diaries part 27”

The Revolution Diaries part 26

Despite some incredibly hot days in the past week I managed to have a couple of good writing days, during which I wrote the greatest amount of words so far this year. This saw me complete chapter eighteen and begin chapter nineteen of the final book of the Scorched Earth trilogy, as I continue toContinue reading “The Revolution Diaries part 26”

The Revolution Diaries part 25

During the first week following the book launch, although I didn’t work on my current book, Scorched Earth: Revolution, it didn’t mean I did no work at all. I spent the week focusing on finishing the synopsis for Fade: Shadows of the Past, before finally completing it. I’m now trying to get the word countContinue reading “The Revolution Diaries part 25”

Bookworms’ book launch

Last Saturday I was delighted to be a part of local author Jill Morsbach’s launch of her latest book ‘Noah and the Solar Powered Ark’ along with fellow writer, Chris Hall with her books, at an event hosted by Bookworms’ bookstore owner, Waldo Boshoff. The three of us each put a copy of one ofContinue reading “Bookworms’ book launch”

The Revolution Diaries part 24

It was another week of modest progress as I continued working on the final book of my Scorched Earth trilogy. I concentrated on the minor rewrite I had planned after switching chapters eight and nine around; I’ve still more to write in chapter nine, but that’s something for next week. After that, I worked onContinue reading “The Revolution Diaries part 24”

The Revolution Diaries part 23

Starting off this week, let me take you back in time to the final week of 2021 when I was determined not only to reach my end-of-the-year goal which still required nine hundred and seventy-three words but also to finish the build-up to a big fight scene I’d been working on over the previous weeks.Continue reading “The Revolution Diaries part 23”

The year in review… the next half

As we start the New Year, it’s time to look back at the second half of my writing year. After getting my books into a recently-opened new and second-hand bookstore called Bookworms, things seemed to slow down for the rest of the year. Although I donated the first book of my Scorched Earth trilogy, ScorchedContinue reading “The year in review… the next half”

The Revolution Diaries part 22

I started the week by working on the synopsis of Fade: Shadows of the Past. This is the second of the synopses which I’m preparing to send to the head office of a book store I’m hoping will accept my books. Unfortunately, I didn’t get very far; I will have to brainstorm and rewrite it,Continue reading “The Revolution Diaries part 22”