Second anniversary of Fade’s book launch

This coming Monday, May 31st, will mark the second anniversary of my second book launch which I shared with fellow writer, Chris Hall. This early evening event saw my third book, Fade: Shadows of the Past, join my two previous books, ‘Fire Angel: Genesis’ and ‘Fire Angel: Turning Point’ in the Fire Angel Universe, whileContinue reading “Second anniversary of Fade’s book launch”

My creative process Part 3

By the time I decided to create what would become the Fire Angel Universe I had already written a few short stories containing a number of characters that I knew I could integrate into my new superhero stories. I’ve mentioned in my previous blogs how I did this with some of the characters, such asContinue reading “My creative process Part 3”

My creative process part 2

All writers work differently. Some are heavily into outlining and plotting; others are completely the opposite and dive in with only the vaguest of ideas of where their story might go (or so they claim). I’m somewhere in the middle. I’ve talked in previous posts about my process for character development but with most ofContinue reading “My creative process part 2”

My creative process part 1

People often ask me where I get my story ideas from. Sometimes the spark of the idea might emerge from a single random thought. Or it could be from something I’m watching where I start to consider how I might tell the story differently. Maybe it’s something I’ve read or a picture I’ve seen. ButContinue reading “My creative process part 1”

The creation of the Fire Angel Universe part 7

Once I’d had the idea of creating my own superhero universe, I impatiently looked forward to the day when the different characters would meet for the first time. One of my original ideas for the ending of my second book, Fire Angel: Turning Point was for Fire Angel and Fade to meet, but I soonContinue reading “The creation of the Fire Angel Universe part 7”

The creation of the Fire Angel Universe part 6

When I wrote ‘Fade: Shadows of the Past’, I knew there would be another book to continue the story behind the mysterious disappearance of Melanie Wilson’s adoptive sister, Carla Wilson. Initially, I wasn’t feeling entirely confident about that story and decided I would write it further down the line, but as I came closer toContinue reading “The creation of the Fire Angel Universe part 6”

The creation of the Fire Angel Universe part 5

While working on Fade: Shadows of the Past, I knew that once the book was completed, I was going to return to Fire Angel. The question was where do I go from here, now that she had finally become a superhero? After asking a couple of people, the answer was the same: it was timeContinue reading “The creation of the Fire Angel Universe part 5”

The creation of the Fire Angel Universe Part 4

As some of you know, I spent most of my young writing life writing fan fiction as I wasn’t confident enough to try and create my own characters. But, in 2001, that changed. I read an article in a magazine about how there are no more original stories; it was this which gave me theContinue reading “The creation of the Fire Angel Universe Part 4”

The creation of the Fire Angel Universe Part 3

Knowing there would be a second Fire Angel book, I began to plan for that next story, starting with the early ideas for the villain, originally called Rapture. I also wrote part of one of the first fight scenes of that story, while simultaneously continuing with the first book, which I had decided to callContinue reading “The creation of the Fire Angel Universe Part 3”

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