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My creative process Part 3

By the time I decided to create what would become the Fire Angel Universe I had already written a few short stories containing a number of characters that I knew I could integrate into my new superhero stories. I’ve mentioned in my previous blogs how I did this with some of the characters, such asContinue reading “My creative process Part 3”


My creative process part 2

All writers work differently. Some are heavily into outlining and plotting; others are completely the opposite and dive in with only the vaguest of ideas of where their story might go (or so they claim). I’m somewhere in the middle. I’ve talked in previous posts about my process for character development but with most ofContinue reading “My creative process part 2”

My creative process part 1

People often ask me where I get my story ideas from. Sometimes the spark of the idea might emerge from a single random thought. Or it could be from something I’m watching where I start to consider how I might tell the story differently. Maybe it’s something I’ve read or a picture I’ve seen. ButContinue reading “My creative process part 1”