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The Revolution Diaries: The Final Chapter

After having written last week’s post, the time had finally come to finish chapter seventy-one which was the only chapter left to be completed in the final book of the Scorched Earth trilogy, Scorched Earth: Takeover. I will admit I found it challenging to find the perfect way to end this chapter and even thoughContinue reading “The Revolution Diaries: The Final Chapter”


The Revolution Diaries part 55

This was another productive week as I continued working on the aftermath in the final book of the Scorched Earth trilogy, which began with the completion of chapter seventy which I’d started last week. I then moved on to chapter seventy-seven which proved a little tough to get going, until I remembered a reference IContinue reading “The Revolution Diaries part 55”

The Revolution Diaries Part 54

This week saw quite a lot of progress being made towards finishing the final book of the Scorched Earth trilogy, as I completed chapter sixty-six, then moved on to chapter sixty-two. This chapter was something I’d been planning since my fourth book Fire Angel: Igniting the Spark, as it also sets up some future plansContinue reading “The Revolution Diaries Part 54”

The Revolution Diaries part 53

The first half of this week was mainly focused on completing chapter fifty-eight of the Scorched Earth trilogy. Everything seemed to be going well until I reached a particular part and writer’s block once again struck. For the first couple of days, I tried to solve the issue but eventually decided to just continue withContinue reading “The Revolution Diaries part 53”

The Revolution Diaries part 52

When this week started, I was concerned it was going to be one of slow progress. However, as I sit here, I am happy to inform you guys that I was wrong. A lot of time was spent rearranging a few chapters this week in the second half of the final book of the ScorchedContinue reading “The Revolution Diaries part 52”

The Revolution Diaries part 51

I started off this week by completing chapter sixty-nine of the final book of the Scorched Earth trilogy and therefore ending another subplot. I then decided to finally go back to chapter fifty-four which I had skipped over a couple of weeks ago. I spent most of the week working on this chapter before finishingContinue reading “The Revolution Diaries part 51”

The Revolution Diaries part 50

After two exciting weeks of seeing the display of my books at the local library and getting the first two books, Fire Angel: Genesis and Fire Angel: Turning Point accepted into a bookstore, things returned to normal. However, the work on the final book of the Scorched Earth trilogy continued. After completing chapter fifty-six, IContinue reading “The Revolution Diaries part 50”

The Revolution Diaries part 49

With the first fifty-two chapters of the final book of the Scorched Earth trilogy, Scorched Earth: Revolution now complete, I moved on to completing chapter fifty-three with the climactic battle getting underway. Once that was done, I decided to hold off on moving on to chapter fifty-four for the time being and jumped to chapterContinue reading “The Revolution Diaries part 49”

The Revolution Diaries part 48

While last week proved to be quite frustrating, this week started off on a positive note. I went to our local library to see if my book display was up yet and there it was, in all its glory. I was impressed with the amount of detail that had gone into the set-up, though IContinue reading “The Revolution Diaries part 48”

The Revolution Diaries part 47

To say that this week has been quite frustrating would be a huge understatement. Starting with the return of the rolling power outages, which quickly went from being twice a day to three, making it rather difficult to write. On top of that, I once again phoned the book marketing and book distributor I’ve spokenContinue reading “The Revolution Diaries part 47”