The Revolution Diaries part 18

After a brief interlude, where I took you for a ‘behind the scenes’ look at the newly released Scorched Earth: Takeover, it’s back to my progress on the final book of the Trilogy, Scorched Earth: Revolution, and my other adventures in writing. I spent most of last week working on one of the introductory chapters,Continue reading “The Revolution Diaries part 18”

The Revolution Diaries Part 17

(Be sure you’ve read EVERYTHING! 😉 ) I’ve had quite a productive week working on the final book of the Scorched Earth trilogy, although it was somewhat hampered by the constant rolling power outages we’ve been suffering lately. If it hadn’t been for them, I feel I could’ve churned out even more work. Even so,Continue reading “The Revolution Diaries Part 17”

The Revolution Diaries Part 16

This week was another week that started off a little slowly but by the end, it turned out to be pretty productive. As I mentioned last week, I had begun looking on Pinterest for ideas for drawing a couple of characters for the cover of the final book of the Scorched Earth trilogy. This week,Continue reading “The Revolution Diaries Part 16”

The Revolution Diaries Part 15

I started this week by doing some more brainstorming for the next book after the Scorched Earth trilogy, where I set about confirming some ideas I had in mind. In addition to that, since I like to plan out my stories long-term, I also nailed down a few ideas I have planned for what’s toContinue reading “The Revolution Diaries Part 15”

The Revolution Diaries Part 14

I had an exciting start to the week when I got the first look at the cover for the second book of the Scorched Earth trilogy, Takeover. There are just a couple of adjustments that need to be made, but once they’re done I should be ready to get the book published. Just need toContinue reading “The Revolution Diaries Part 14”

The Revolution Diaries Part 13

A few weeks ago, I spoke about how I’d had a brain storming session on how to better promote the Fire Angel Universe. One of things I’d been thinking about was the fact that Fire Angel has been given far more prominence than my other character Fade, despite my best attempts to draw attention toContinue reading “The Revolution Diaries Part 13”

The Revolution Diaries Part 12

Now that we’re into October, I’m setting my sights on my end of the year writing goal, which is hitting 30000 words by New Year’s Eve. I’m currently sitting at 14400 words in total, so there’s a lot of work ahead of me if I’m to hit that target. The editing of the second bookContinue reading “The Revolution Diaries Part 12”

The Revolution Diaries part 11

I was offline for a few days with internet issues, so the week started off with me catching up on a few things once I was finally back up and running. I spent most of the week planning than actually writing. I worked out some of the general plot for a group of characters thatContinue reading “The Revolution Diaries part 11”

The Revolution Diaries Part 10

Welcome to the belated edition of the Backroom Bulletin. I had some internet issues last week which kept me offline for a few days. But hey, better late than never, right? The week started with me finally getting to do the publicity I’d planned, namely getting some photos taken at Bookworms, the bookshop where myContinue reading “The Revolution Diaries Part 10”

The Revolution Diaries Part 9

I began the week by switching around a few more of the introduction chapters of the final book in my Scorched Earth Trilogy. I think I’ve knocked that part of the book into shape now, but I’m sure there will be more chapters which I’ll need to switch around later in the book as theContinue reading “The Revolution Diaries Part 9”

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