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The Revolution Diaries Part 5

This week turned out to be surprisingly productive as I continued working on the final book of my Scorched Earth trilogy. I say ‘surprisingly’ because at the beginning of the week, it certainly didn’t feel like it would turn out that way. In fact, it started off quite slowly as I began to work onContinue reading “The Revolution Diaries Part 5”


The Revolution Diaries Part 4

I began the week by finishing off the fight scene I’d been working on last week, before moving on to chapter two, which I’d already started, adding the opening paragraphs and some dialogue to the middle of the chapter. Then, since I was still in a fight scene mood, I wrote another big fight sceneContinue reading “The Revolution Diaries Part 4”

The Revolution Diaries part 3

Fight scenes were the order of the day this week, and I spent much of it working on the final big fight of the third book of the Scorched Earth trilogy. As I write this blog, I’m working out the last half of the fight, with the outcome already written. What also has me excitedContinue reading “The Revolution Diaries part 3”

The Revolution Diaries Part 2

I began this week with a visit to Somerset West Public Library, in my home town, to donate the first book of the Scorched Earth trilogy, Scorched Earth: Arrival, adding to the full set of my books to date that they already have on their shelves. As I was leaving, I reflected on how ironicContinue reading “The Revolution Diaries Part 2”

The Revolution Diaries Part 1

Last week I finished writing the second book of the Scorched Earth trilogy, Scorched Earth: Takeover and I’ve already begun working on the third book, Scorched Earth: Revolution, while I’m going through the final editing stage of Takeover and waiting for the cover. I’ve discussed some of my creative process previously, but now, having justContinue reading “The Revolution Diaries Part 1”