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Where It All Began part 9

July 2015, the story and the cover were finally ready to be sent in to ‘Print on Demand’ for editing and publishing. By August we were ready to move on to getting an ISBN number and so I waited… and waited… and waited. By September there’d been no news about what was happening with myContinue reading “Where It All Began part 9”


Where It All Began part 8

A short time after I had writer’s block on the one chapter and having a moment of self-doubt, I picked myself up and carried on with the story of Fire Angel: Genesis, realizing I could just carry on writing before eventually going back to finish up the chapter. This would be the beginning of myContinue reading “Where It All Began part 8”

Where It All Began part 7

Restarting the writing course, I was more motivated this time and found the course to be really helpful in fleshing out my first novel. Though there were occasions that it was challenging to the point that I wanted to throw in the towel. Fortunately I had a lot of encouragement to keep going. At theContinue reading “Where It All Began part 7”

Where It All Began part 6

My second attempt at writing what would’ve been my first novel didn’t last long, after completing the fourth chapter, I once again gave up on writing for a few months having grown discouraged. It wouldn’t be until the latter half of 2007 when I’d try to make another attempt. This time I managed to writeContinue reading “Where It All Began part 6”

Where It All Began part 5

After having grown bored with the Batman fan fiction series I’d been writing from January 1998 to January 2000, there were a few months where I didn’t write anything. I eventually decided to try once again to get back into drawing, with another fan-fiction comic this time making an X-Men series. I plotted out mostContinue reading “Where It All Began part 5”

Where It All Began Part 4

After a frustrating and stressful year back in my original school, I left school entirely. Unfortunately, due to not having worked on my fan fiction Batman comic since January, I no longer had any interest in drawing. Instead I spent the December holidays writing a new DC Comics fan-fiction series. In January 1998, on theContinue reading “Where It All Began Part 4”

Where It All Began part 3

Shortly after having the confrontation with the friend who’d ridiculed my writing and drawing, there was one morning while waiting for class to start, that I tried to work out how old I’d be by the time I finally left school, as I was concerned there wouldn’t be enough years to see my dream ofContinue reading “Where It All Began part 3”

Where It All Began Part 2

I’ve mentioned before how I used to draw consistently from the time I was in preschool. When I developed an interest in writing stories, I began drawing and writing my own fan fiction comic books. Once I became interested in superhero comics in 1992, a friend and I would often spend time drawing and discussingContinue reading “Where It All Began Part 2”

Where It All Began Part 1

I’ve previously told you about how I came up with the idea of the Fire Angel Universe, but how did I even get into this crazy world of writing in the first place? Most authors I’ve heard about were often inspired to become writers from books they’d read, but as for me, I didn’t reallyContinue reading “Where It All Began Part 1”