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Haley Hunter has always been impulsive. Now, frustrated with having to live in a decaying, crime-ridden neighbourhood, she takes off into the night after an argument with her father. Later, lost in a lonely part of town, she’s caught in the impact of a crashing meteorite, which endows her with an awesome power: the ability to create and control fire.

Armed with her new-found power, Haley sets out to avenge her friend Serenity who’s been critically wounded in a drive-by shooting, ordered by a meticulous mob boss to get Serenity’s father to co-operate with his weapon-smuggling scheme. Will Haley be able to tame her reckless nature in order to control her power and combat against this threat?

This is only the beginning…

Haley Hunter’s had enough. A cruel prank at school and the constant fear of living in a rough and run-down neighborhood has brought her to the point where she can’t take it anymore. She’s put aside Fire Angel and is now looking for a new purpose for her powers. Will she continue to use them to defend her fellow man, or will she be tempted to use them for self-gain?

Meanwhile, a new superhuman called Nemesis has emerged; an evil force seeking revenge against those who’ve wronged her, and leaving death and destruction in her wake. A confrontation with this new superhuman leads Haley down a dark and dangerous path. Can Haley return to the light and defend the city of Havencroft as Fire Angel, or will she turn her back and leave it to Nemesis’ mercy?

Dawn Armstong, the outcast of White-Moor Hill, suffers from nyctophobia. She is constantly disturbed by the return of her childhood nightmares, and the resulting lack of sleep causes her to see things, as though she were hallucinating. Now she’s convinced that someone is stalking her but no-one believes her.

The appearance of a few strangers in White-Moor Hill coincides with a student’s sudden death, but is it in fact a suicide as the authorities suggest? What is its connection to Dawn? Whom can she trust? The new boy at Rhoades University? The substitute teacher? Could one of them be her stalker and, above all, what is the truth behind her mysterious power which enable her to manipulate the shadows…?

It has been a month since Fire Angel finally defeated Nemesis. Now the world is coming to terms with the existence of super-humans and everyone is divided as to whether they are a blessing or a threat. In the final days leading up to the US Presidential Elections, Fire Angel is declared public enemy number one by the American government. However, there is more going on behind the scenes than anyone realizes. Power-hungry Senator Sam Douglas is manoeuvring his way to becoming the newly-elected President while using his own nefarious methods to eliminate Fire Angel.

Meanwhile, Fire Angel is desperately seeking to inspire the city of Havencroft which is gripped by fear and uncertainty. But at the same time, she is fighting for her own survival against both a government-sponsored task force and the mysterious ‘sleepers’ who are out to destroy her.

Two years have passed since Melanie Wilson’s adoptive sister, Carla and her friends went out one night and never returned to the Rhoades University in White-Moor Hill. Melanie is convinced that Carla is still out there, and although everyone else has given up hope, she’s still waiting for her return. Now, tired of waiting, she sets out with her friend Becky to find Carla and bring her home. So begins a road trip fraught with danger, as those responsible for Carla’s disappearance are following Melanie’s every step.

Cassandra Winslow returns from university to Winslow Manor where her step-mother has made some unsettling changes to her childhood home. The deeper she and her new bodyguard Megan delve, the more secrets are uncovered: secrets that cast dark shadows over Cassandra’s happy childhood.

Stacey McManus, host of the conspiracy television show, ‘The Real Truth’, has been following Carla Wilson’s story from the start. She barely survived an attack during her investigations in White-Moor Hill, but despite the best attempts of her adversaries to warn her off, Stacey still went on to broadcast her findings. Now her investigation into Carla’s disappearance takes her to Washington D.C., where she finds political shenanigans afoot.As Melanie Wilson embarks on a desperate journey to find Carla, will the secrets lurking in the shadows and in plain sight be revealed in time?

The Earth is being invaded. A hero falls.

As a ruthless alien empire sets its sights on Earth, the time has come for courageous people to step up and defend the world. When Project: Guardian’s leader, Kat Palmer goes AWOL, Randy Wilson is next in line to lead the clandestine government task force against the most serious threat the human race has ever faced.

And now, when both the military and the police have their backs against the wall, humanity needs new heroes, too. Alexandra Grant answers the call, not only to save others, but to redeem herself for condemning the superhuman, Fire Angel.

Meanwhile, the members of the underground Society of Science, are working against the clock to find a chink in the invaders’ armor and stop them before it’s too late. So begins the war for humanity’s freedom…

The Earth’s in crisis as an alien empire begins to take root.

The Drahux Empire is tightening its grip on the Earth. Military and law enforcement agencies are in disarray and all Earth’s communications are jammed.

Jackie Blackman, a member of the clandestine Society of Science, knows she can do more to help, but only if she can bring herself to share her secret.

Kat Palmer, former leader of Project: Guardian is in hiding, but it’s not just the Drahux soldiers she’s avoiding. She needs to return and join the fight but going back isn’t as easy as she thinks.

A couple of months have passed since Dawn Armstrong’s alter-ego, Fade confronted the shadow man. Now she must become the champion against the darkness she wants to be, but is she prepared to face her fears once again?

Matt Braddock, a superhero wannabe called the Sentinel, seeks to do more than just fight the next ‘bad guy’. He aspires a true hero.

Meanwhile, Liberty Girl is doing all she can to save people from the Drahux and try to instill hope. Just like her hero, Fire Angel would.

Each needs to step up to the challenge before it’s too late.

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